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What are the basic steps of circuit board production?

Release date:2020-06-04
The technology of circuit board manufacturing technology is developing very quickly, and the manufacturing technology used by manufacturers with different conditions and scales is not the same. For different types and requirements of circuit boards also need to use different manufacturing processes, but in these different process flows, there are many essential basic links are similar. The following is the introduction of the essential basic links by the well-known circuit board production company.

1. Baseplate film making

The base film determines the graphics to be configured when the circuit board is produced. No matter what process is used in the production process of the circuit board, it is necessary to use a base film that meets the quality requirements. Therefore, the base film is one of the circuit board manufacturing The important tool is also the first step in the manufacturing process.

2. Graphics transfer

After the bottom plate is made, the designed circuit diagram should be transferred to the copper-clad board. This link is called graphics transfer. If the method of screen printing is used to transfer graphics during circuit board manufacturing, then a layer of paint or glue film must be applied and adhered on the screen, and then the printed circuit diagram is made into a hollow pattern as required. When printing, just position the copper-clad plate on the bottom plate, so that the silk screen and the copper-clad plate directly contact the printing, and then dry and repair the plate after missing the printing.

3. Chemical etching

Etching is commonly known as rotten board in the circuit board manufacturing process. It uses chemical methods to remove unnecessary copper foil on the board, leaving pads, printed wires and symbols and other graphics. In order to ensure the quality, pre-etching should be carried out before etching, which means that the copper-clad plate with the printed resist pattern is immersed in the etching solution, and then taken out and then dipped in the etching solution with a row pen or a writing brush on the board. Brush it horizontally and vertically to check the quality of the graphics transfer.

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